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Free project dashboard


Basic industry reports


Pay-as-you-go detailed reports


Pay-as-you-go advanced pitch products


Basic pitch products


Email support


Pro project dashboard


Detailed industry reports

advanced pitch

Advanced pitch products

four company reports

Four free detailed company reports of your choice every month


Project valuation support and best practices


Discounts on patent searches and filing, IP strategy consultation, and more

live support

Account manager with live support

custom features

We’ll integrate with your existing software tools and build out custom features

5 user minimum

Minimum of 5 users

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Pro vs. Basic

Whether you need pay-as-you-go support for individual projects, or reliable monthly consultations and reporting, we have a plan to fit your TTO process.



  • Pro project dashboard, includes commercialization analysis and suggestions. Learn More.

  • Access to all basic and detailed industry reports.

  • Access to all basic and advanced pitch products.

  • Four free detailed company reports of your choice every month.

  • Project valuation support and best practices. Learn More.

  • Account Manager with live support.



  • Free project dashboard

  • Access to basic industry reports. Pay-as-you-go for detailed reports.

  • Access to basic pitch products. Pay-as-you-go for advanced products.

  • Email support.

Features Deep Dive

From detailed industry reports to project valuation, our ai-powered support combines industry expertise with rapid intelligence for quick, confident decisions.

Basic vs Detailed Reports

Basic includes brief industry reports with key points and figures.

Pro includes detailed industry reports with deep analysis, trends, data points, and recommendations.

Basic vs Advanced Products

Basic includes products like pitch decks and presentation templates.

Pro includes pitch deck templates, presentation templates, DIY guides, additional premium templates, and even done-for-you pitches.

Project Valuation

Pro plan valuation support includes:

  • Analysis of your core business idea and business model
  • Market evaluation and pivot analysis with recommendations
  • Evaluation and recommendations for IP assets
  • Review of your business model with IP strategy
  • Detailed patent analysis
  • Comprehensive written report provided