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Our Services Cover You From IP Strengthening to Industry Outreach


Boost Your IP

Give your IP that extra boost with our speedy services.  Everything from IP strengthening to world outreach.

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We Do It for You: End-to-End Support for IP

  • Reviewing your project for one or more suitable industries
  • Reviewing your patent protection and if necessary, prepare (and optionally file) an updated patent application
  • Suggesting at least three suitable companies with contact information
  • Optionally contacting those companies for you

Global Reach: Taking Your Invention to the World

Everything in our We Do It for You package, plus:

  • Reviewing your international IP protection (if any)
  • Analyzing at least 1 non-US market of interest 

Get That Unlicensed IP Off the Shelf

  • Reviewing a patent/application that has been published
  • Suggesting 1-3 invention extensions
  • Providing industry and company information for the original industry and the extensions
  • Featuring at least 3 contacts per industry

Invention Expansion: Taking Your Idea to New Industries

  • Suggesting one new additional industry for an idea
  • Description of required additional information for an updated patent application and industry outreach
  • Providing industry and company information
  • Providing at least 3 contacts

Included  in our Complete Concierge subscription