When Tech Transfer Stalls

Solve for the roadblocks and bottlenecks that stop
commercialization in its tracks.

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Commercial + patent viability is complex

Navigating the right company outreach and research priorities is a complex dance that relies upon successfully pairing partnership opportunities with competitive and patent intelligence in near real-time.
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Manual research is painfully slow

Manual research and cumbersome digital tools slow down the whole process, leaving lots of great projects behind. The result? Fewer successes.
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All the bottlenecks feel inevitable

The competing demands from research, outreach, and legal create frustrating bottlenecks that demoralize researchers and pressurize Tech Transfer Offices. Lagging competitive, licensing and patent intelligence never seem to sync with project timelines or research plans.

Tech Transfer success requires a process that is streamlined and easy to manage.

In an ideal world, you could manage your process with rapid intel analysis that would help you connect to the competitive and industry partner landscape. It would integrate the many TTO demands to reduce friction and speed commercialization.

What you need

A process-accelerating, easy-to-use, patent, and company intelligence, rapid analysis competitive edge. A tool that streamlines process management as it delivers rapid insights and partnership intelligence.

check-square A map to partnerships that quickly identifies potential partners and licensing opportunities.

A single dashboard that syncs competitive and patent intelligence with partnership options in a single pass, while helping you manage your process seamlessly.

check-square Access to AI-powered comprehensive analysis and accelerated process management that brings together all the  intel to speed commercialization.


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Secrets to TTO and Industry Collaboration that Accelerate Licensing

You don't need to re-invent the wheel. Here's what winning TTOs are doing to accelerate their tech transfer win. Learn five keys you can use to increase commercialization velocity.

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Three reasons great ideas get lost in the noise.

...why Tech Transfer Offices are falling behind their competition and industry partners.

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Spreadsheets + DIY Systems

Tracking your projects the old school way may promise total control of your process, partnerships, research and IP opportunities. But, too often they just deliver mountains of missed opportunities and competing priorities that you can't track, prioritize, or act on in a way that leads to commercialization success.

Patent Attorneys + Tech Transfer Consultants

They promise locked-down IP, expert-level connections, and ultimately better licensing deals. But, they deliver analysis that is expensive, complex, and slow. Partnerships lag, frustration grows and the deals you hoped to see don't materialize.
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Expensive + Complex Software

They should deliver prompt and complete analysis that guides your next steps. Instead, you get partial analysis and massive data overload that leaves you in a fog of patents and ever-slowing momentum.

The complexity of commercialization should never imprison world-changing ideas.

The AI-powered approach

You need objective data that delivers rapid, friction-free insights and actionable next steps.

Find out how AI is helping great ideas break through and stay on track.